Via “Canto del Gallo”

  • Place: Sicily - Monte Gallo - Monte Santa Margherita
  • First ascent: F. Antonelli, A. Gogna, G. Mallucci, M. Marantonio, R.M. Scuderi at 09.10.1981
  • Orientation: west
  • Difficulty: VI+, most V
  • Length: 300 m, 12 pitchest
  • Protection: Belays: 2 inox-bolts
    Intermediate: in situ slings (most old slings), pegs and bolts
    A serie of nuts an Friends is necessary for a better protection.
    Slings for natural threads.
  • Access: from Sferracavallo approximately 30min description
  • Descent: approximately 60min



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