Quota 280

At Monte Gallo rises over Sferracavallo, in the form of a triangle, a small peak called the “Quota 280”. The peak is on the left of the “Monte Santa Margherita”. The rock and the characteristics of the tours are very similar to those in St. Margherita. Everyone can expect diversified climbing passages with awesome views at the easily accessible Quota.


The routes at the Quota 280


Starting point is Sferracavallo near Palermo. In the “Via Barcarello” (close to the bus stop “Barcarello”) diverges from the house number 63, a small road in the direction of the mountain. Now you can walk by foot, until it turns into a path at the last house. Follow this path and you see soon the first stone men. First you walk a short way uphill and after this you pass below a fence. Then walk to the left top of the fence until the fence grid ends. On the following path you reach the rock toe of the Quota 280.


Access to the Quota 280


From the belay at the top you abseil on the back for approximately 30 m. Then you walk around the rock foothill and get back to the access path.