About Heinz Grill

Heinz Grill is writer, climber and yoga teacher. I met him while climbing and value him as an interesting climbing partner.

Through his many years of experience in mountaineering and over 150 new tours and first ascents by him, he is very well known as a climber. Here Heinz Grill has developed a successful middle between alpine and sport climbing.

Heinz Grill in Via “Il fifone

The subjects of his books are for example nutrition, yoga, medicine, pedagogy, education, experiencing nature, architecture and art. Heinz Grill writes from a spiritual perspective. With his work Heinz Grill would like to promote the individual human in the creative abilities and strengthen their ability to relate to the social environment.

In the field of yoga, Heinz Grill has developed an artistic way of practicing. This is not mainly for the relaxation or fitness of the body. It is encouraged to perform the yoga exercises in an aesthetic way. So the body movements are a kind of an artistic expression.

More information about Heinz Grill can be found on his website www.heinz-grill.en
Books by Heinz Grill can be found at www.stw-verlag.de.

Rhythmical climbing

Especially I value Heinz Grill’s explanations about climbing. With “Rhythmical Climbing” he describes that you can pay attention to a sensitive, sensible perception to the rock and to the own body movements.

The better I personally manage to perceive shapes, colors and variations of the rock and to pay attention to easy, elegant climbing movements, the more I also notice a growing security and that my fear in more difficult exposed passages decreases.

An interesting traverse with really beautiful rock in the Via “Il paradiso”.

Heinz Grill pays attention in his tours that the line, protection or also the choice of the belay stations support this sensitive climbing. This subtle adjustment should probably result in the very harmoniously climbing flow, which I notice often in the tours. Also that I am not so tired and exhausted after longer tours.